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Plus $10.00 Shipping

Introducing the Buzz-Kill, a silencer for your mouthpiece that allows you to buzz
almost anywhere without disturbing those around you!



The Buzz-Kill effectively muffles the sound of the mouthpiece allowing you to buzz while watching TV, listening to the radio. You can even buzz with a sleeping baby in the same room!

Imagine being able to buzz at work without disturbing your co-workers!

Buzz on the way to the gig without getting your shirt or tie wet!

Compact size with adjustable resistance!

Here's a video review of the Buzz-Kill by Australian musician Brian Hayes.

Click here to see Brian's full informative video reviewing a variety of buzzing aids.


1 Buzz-Kill

$ 24.95 USD

$14.95 + $10.00 shipping


2 Buzz-Kills

$ 35.00 USD

$25.00 + $10.00 shipping


3 Buzz-Kills

$ 40.00 USD

$30.00 + $10.00 shipping


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"This is a great product.  It saves my wife's ears when I buzz my mouthpiece when we're in the car together." 

- Roger Ingram - Harry Connick Jr., Woody Herman, Ray Charles

“I'm really enjoying the Buzz-Kill. When I got it my initial thoughts were that the resistance difference was not going to work for me BUT.... I realized pretty quickly that though there was a difference in the resistance I think that I'm really going to like the way your Buzz-Kill works. I also like that the schmutz doesn't get all over my shirt while I'm driving, and the quiet of it is nice too.

Here's what happened with me the last couple of weeks. I had a video game call that was a 4 hour call, and went the extra hour overtime so 5 straight hours of playing. Video games are pretty notorious for being VERY difficult and this was no exception. Not a lot of 'love themes' going on there. I was playing first and all day I had 40 - 50 measure passages that were long, windy and ended up on high Ebs, F's and even a G! Anyway, it went actually pretty well but WHAT a rough day. After I left there I taught a one hour lesson and then drove up to Santa Barbara (170 miles round trip) and played a rehearsal of the Verdi Requiem.... LONG day... The rest of the week I had Verdi and a few sessions but my body was so beat up by that one day that I was having some response challenges.

Long story short... I used the Buzz-Kill while I was driving and when warming up (to be more quiet and still try to get my response where I wanted it) AND I found that it seemed as though my air was not moving 'forward' enough to really keep the sound going. The Buzz-Kill resistance effected it and let me know that the air was not where I needed it for the best efficiency. It is always a very slight difference but always makes a big difference in the way things feel. What comes out of the bell is generally the same but I try to be as aware of how things are working so that I am ABLE to have the sound come out the same from the bell. I think the Buzz-Kill allowed me to focus my air even more efficiently and corrected the air stream even though my abdominals had been pretty beat up all week.

I've been buzzing my mouthpiece since before I studied with Jimmy Stamp many, many years ago. Now I am using the Buzz-Kill as part of my regular playing day.”

- Jon Lewis, LA studio musician

“Recently I used my Buzz-Kill while on a train from Toronto to Montreal. I was able to get in a solid hour of practice.
My brother, who was sitting across from me said he didn’t hear a thing. I did get some strange looks from the other passengers though.” 

“I ordered a Buzz-Kill from Chris Kemp and the post office destroyed it.  It arrived in a separate envelope from the postmaster with an apology - and not much else (and don't think for one minute my brother, the mail carrier, is not going to take a load of you know what for this).

I emailed Chris and he just said no problem and sent another one air mail.  Classy operation.  Not only great service, but upon hearing how quiet the buzz became, my wife says she will now allow me to live on our next vacation.  Personally, I don't see how she could not love my musical renditions on the mouthpiece - but to each her own.”

“I have been using Buzz-Kill for a few months now and like it very much.  My job involves much travel (and no room to take a horn along) the Buzz-Kill is a nice way to be able to blow on the mouthpiece with a bit of resistance and not be too loud.  I also like the "no schmutz" factor.  Works well for me.”

“My Buzzkill arrived yesterday and it works great! I demonstrated it for my less than tolerant of my practicing daughter (teenager :) and she gave it a thumbs up. Thanks!”